Craigslist AutoPilot

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CL AutoPilot

For use with multiple Craigslist accounts in a single city/area:

Craigslist AutoPilot auto-ad-renew software
Craigslist AutoPilot auto-ad-renew software
  1. Ad renewals – automatically renews live ads and reposts expired ones — on a schedule you set.
  2. Live ad checks – checks your ads hourly (or at an interval you set) to make sure they’re live.
  3. Increases ad views – visits your ads to increase view counts, minimizing flagged for removal’s.

Note: macro-enabled Excel file – no install is necessary, but MS Excel is required. Windows only.

AutoPilot can manage up to 100 ads at once (up to 10 accounts with 100 ads shared between them).

Ads are auto-renewed at the schedule you set. Every 48 hours is the most, as per Craigslist, although you can set AutoPilot to check for ”renew” links everyday.

The program runs and remains on in the background. Yes, you can still use your PC for other stuff.

CL AutoPilot was designed for a typical business, operating in a single location, that uses several CL accounts. If you have a DSL modem, keep the *reset IP* switch turned on so your CL accounts don’t show the same login IP address.


Each tracked ad has 3 rows to its right, showing codes describing the ad’s status…

Row 1 will show one of the following:

autopilot legend
Ad performance indicators in AutoPilot
  • A – Active – ad shows as Active in ‘my account’
  • E – Expired – ad shows as Expired in ‘my account’
  • D – Deleted – ad shows as Deleted in ‘my account’
  • X – Login error – could not log in to a Craigslist account
  • U – Unknown error – some other error in trying to get ad status

Row 2 will show either:

  • R – Renewed – appears when an ad is successfully renewed
  • / – Renew unavail – appears when renew option isn’t found

Row 3 will show one of these indicators:

  • S – ad is Scheduled (calendar visualization) – appears when you set an ad’s posting frequency
  • L – Live – appears when an ad is found live during ad checks (hourly or other interval you set)
  • N – Not live – appears when an ad is found not live during ad checks (hourly or other)

If an ad shows A (Active) and N (Not live) at the same time it means the ad is ghosted (Craigslist wants you to think it’s live, but searching for the actual ad reveals it’s not indexed).


Buttons under CL accounts:

add / create – Create or import Craigslist accounts.

login – Assisted login into a Craigslist account. AutoPilot does not post new ads to Craigslist for you (do that as you normally would).  It only renews live ads and reposts expired ones. When you need to manually log into one of your CL accounts to write new ads or for any other reason we recommend using this login assist button because it lets you choose an account, clears the browser, changes the IP (if you have a DSL modem and have modem reset on), and logs you into Craigslist with the browser user-agent initially assigned to the account.

remove – Remove a Craigslist account from AutoPilot.

Buttons under CL ads:

import / verify – Import live ads from your Craigslist accounts into AutoPilot. Also checks if any ads in AutoPilot should be removed because they’re deleted in Craigslist.

frequency – Schedule how often each ad should be renewed – every other day, every 3 days, or every week.

remove – Remove an ad from AutoPilot.

Other tools:

check ads every – Sets how often to run live ad checks. Learn more about this feature by clicking its label in-app.

reset IP / modem – Sets whether or not to change IP before logging into Craigslist. This only works with DSL modems because resetting a DSL connection resets the IP, but resetting a cable modem does not change the IP. Learn more about this feature by clicking its label in-app. Also more info on this below.

page view bumper – Increases view counts of ads to help prevent removals due to flagging. Ads with low-view counts that get flagged by competitors and other users, as well as malicious bots, are likely to come down. But it’s harder to take down ads with higher view counts. Page view bumper helps this ratio. At random intervals it picks one of your live ads at random and opens it in a random browser for a random number of seconds. After awhile all your live ads have high view counts and are less susceptible to removal from flagging. Can be set between 1-10, where 1 is the most aggressive (about once per minute) and 10 is least (about once every 10 minutes). Learn more about this feature by clicking its label in-app.

reset modem – Reset the modem manually and immediately for any reason (or use login button – see description above)

visit website – Brings you here to this site.

import data – Pulls in Craigslist account and ad data from a previous version of AutoPilot. If you download a newer version of AutoPilot, put it in the same location as the old version, then click import data to pull in your existing data.

”Reset IP / modem” function

If you have a DSL modem, you can use this function to let AutoPilot automatically change your IP by resetting the modem. Settings include:

  • OFF: No modem reset attempted. Use this setting for cable modems. Not ideal, but usually ok if 5 or less CL accts.
  • ON: (recommended) Modem reset is attempted – if unsuccessful, AutoPilot stops and let’s you know without logging into CL.
  • TRY: Modem reset is attempted – if unsuccessful, AutoPilot shows a notification but continues to run.

If your modem is not being reset and/or the IP is not changing:

  1. Make sure you have a DSL (not cable) modem. The script may run and reset a cable modem but the IP wont change.
  2. Telnet service not installed. Go to Control Panel > Programs & Features > Turn Windows features on or off > check Telnet Client > Ok
  3. Modem login incorrect. Click edit modem info and update IP, username, and password as needed.
  4. User Account Account Control set too high. Telnet client can’t be scripted if UAC is set too high. Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings > set lowest (or next to lowest) level.
  5. If it’s working normally but suddenly doesn’t, try exiting and restarting AutoPilot.
  6. If it’s working normally but suddenly doesn’t, try manually cycling modem (unplug and plug it back in, or from your modem’s admin page).

Assuming #1-5 are ok #6 is usually the fix. However, if you continue to experience problems turn this feature OFF (it’s a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have)

First-time users

Adjust your Internet settings to delete cookies on exit:

  1. Control Panel > Internet Options
  2. check the box ‘Delete browsing history on exit’
  3. click ‘Delete…’ > check all boxes except ‘preserve favorites’ > ‘Delete’
  4. click ‘OK’

see image »

More Tips

AutoPilot automates the Internet Explorer browser to renew/repost ads and do live ad checks. Live ad checks let you know if ads are live, or not live due to flagging and/or ghosting. and are performed by searching Craigslist for each ad’s posting ID # within their section.

If a live ad check follows right after an ad is published by you or renewed/reposted by AutoPilot the ad may show a red N (Not live), but this is to be expected since it takes up to 30 minutes for an ad to go live and up to 2 hours for its Id # to appear in the search index. Just wait for the next check to verify the new ad went live.

When logging into a Craigslist acct to renew/repost an ad, AutoPilot uses a unique browser user-agent, making the acct appear more consistent.

When performing live ad checks and pageview bumps AutoPilot uses a completely random browser user-agent, appearing as different random visitors.

AutoPilot has been tested with MS Excel (Office) 2007 and newer – PC only (sorry Mac).  Also, the program is small but it uses a lot of resources, so we recommend running it on a PC with I5-level processor or higher (you’ll see some lagging on an I3, for example).

Note: macro-enabled Excel file – no install is necessary, but MS Excel is required. Windows only.